Air Conditioning

Available in Southwest France

We can provide you with a solution to enable you to heat and cool your home or building using a reversible air conditioning system or air - air heat pump (Pompe a Chaleur).

The modern efficiency of air conditioning can provide your home with warm air in winter and cool air in summer to keep the perfect temperature and ambiance for you and your guests. At a running cost that makes it a energy saving alternative to conventional heating. 

Mono Split

A simple system that can provide heating and cooling for a single interior space connected to an exterior unit using refrigerated fluids (fluide frigorigene)

Multi split 

Enabling several interior spaces to be heated or cooled at the same time at different temperatures using a single exterior unit and a unit for each interior space


Using ducting to connect difference spaces into a building returning to a single unit plenum where valves can be installed to control the temperatures in different areas.

Maintenance and Service

We can maintain or repair your existing systems to get your system running how it should be.

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